Quickly Clear Filters in Excel Tables and Pivot Tables

Visit this page for more information on pivot table filters.

If you frequently use filters in Excel, here is a quick way to clear them. Instead of using extra clicks to go to the Data tab, and click the Clear command, add a Clear button to the Quick Access Toolbar.

There is a surprising benefit to adding this button — it also clears all the filters in a pivot table too. Just select a pivot table where one or more filters have been applied, then click the Clear button.

All the filters are removed, saving several steps compared to using the Clear Filters command on the Analyze tab on the Ribbon.

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8 Replies to “Quickly Clear Filters in Excel Tables and Pivot Tables”

  1. I hv an issue . I am using ofc 2010. When I change my data's from pivot table the label filter will show me the old name/data heading which are not exists now. So how can I remove this junk data names. Pls help

  2. Thanks for the tip. however i found that this work only sheet by sheet (ot table by table i guess). I came to your page as i had the following problem:
    When searching for characters in Find&Select/Find, the search is not performed in hidden cells (by filters or hidden). My problem is even more important as i would like to search multiple sheets. So i'm looking for an easing way to clear on the whole worksheet. Do you have an idea?

  3. Thanks for sharing!  The Clear Filters button can be quickly added to the Quick Access Toolbar by right-clicking the button in the ribbon and selecting the "Add to Quick Access Toolbar" option from the menu.  It saves a few steps from having to dive into the More Commands menu…

    Awesome video though!  The Clear Filters button is definitely a must have in the QAT.

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