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47 Replies to “Skip Beat! Animation – Chapter 148/149 (Ren kisses Kyoko)”

  1. ما اعتقد أحد راح يقرة تعليقي بس فدوة اذا اكو واحد عربي ويعرف يجاوبني أكون ممنونة اذا اكو مانغا أو جزء ثاني😭😭😭😭😭؟؟؟ووين الكاها

  2. Its nov 2019 please make make season 2. I dont like the ending of season 1 its kinda borin.

  3. I think they should make a second season skip beat is so moving and amazing anime it catches the heart of one's self image. it has the heartbreak,anger,drama and romance. but that at the best part i like most. it's the characters they show you how much detail they put in to the personality. that is way i like skip beat so much and way i think they should keep the series going.

  4. I am with all of you. This whole thing needs to be told. So funny and sweet and painful and beautiful. Everything a story should be. Also hope they can bring back some of the original voice actors. There can be no other Kyoko.

  5. to who ever did this ttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkk yyyyyyyyyoooouuuuuuuuuuuu thank you
    ^_^ yayayayayayay 🙂

  6. The manga should be fin right. I want a reboot. Just like fruit basket. Come one It's 2019 how much longer must we wait!??

  7. I just know this chapter. I think this anime just only has 25 eps…
    So guys can you tell me where I can watch the full eps???

  8. 2019 and still in love <3 and also in love with her other work tokyo crazy paradise. Still wish that to be brought our for the anime.

  9. Its already 2019 and I just hope the manga will give us a very beautiful ending and then the whole series will have a remake !! Pleaseee 😭😭😭😭

  10. Shes looks like misaki ayuzawa in miad sama .. I hope the ending of this will be epically beautiful as maid sama did !

  11. Eso está en el manga! 😉

    No entiendo cómo con tanto material ya hecho aún no sacaron otra temporada :'(

    El manga aún está en edición. Va por el Ch N° 265 y la historia está buenísima!!

    Luego del animé… la historia en el manga sigue en el Ch N° 68
    aprox. Se los recomiendo!!

    Los que ya lo leímos….seguiremos esperando un nuevo Ch :- …

  12. 4 years later and im still waiting for the manga and anime to start to be in sync 😢😢😢

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