SKT vs SSG Highlights Game 3 Worlds 2017 Final – SK Telecom T1 vs Samsung Galaxy World Championship

SKT vs SSG Highlights Game 3 – Grand Final World Championship 2017 Grand Final SK Telecom T1 vs Samsung Galaxy Worlds
S7 Worlds 2017 Semifinals Day 15 Game 3 League of Legends World Championship 2017

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48 Replies to “SKT vs SSG Highlights Game 3 Worlds 2017 Final – SK Telecom T1 vs Samsung Galaxy World Championship”

  1. How ambition must have felt at that moment when the nexus was destroyed, the moment he got to shake faker's hands on his terms. Samsung galaxy has honestly been his greatest team, before 2016 he had never made it to worlds, barely missing out on 2012. in 2016 he made it by 3-2ing KT in the regionals with SSG but was defeated again by Faker and SKT. in the grand finals. This year, he was the one, finally, after 4 years, shaking Faker's hand with a smile on his face, after he had been soloed and defeated against nidalee as khazix and gone into a tilt in 2013. Man… from missing out in worlds in 2012 and being tilted by faker in 2013, to losing in the grand finals in 2016 and finally winning, finally experiencing the moment when he defeated all that he was tilted by and had lost to. Pls never leave samsung, you the real MVP, the true hero. Although Ruler got the final MVP (Ironic how ruler was the reason they lost and this year the reason they won) Ambition through the whole tournament showed his best form EVER, the greatest jungler in my opinion to play league, maybe besides Bengi.

  2. Huni was honestly the only good thing about this game for skt but he'll probably get benched anyways…

  3. I want to see Samsung Tristana skin for tribute to MVP Bang so i can use it when i feel like trolling and play against my own team for fun…!!!

  4. Gotta love the high number of players throwing that SKT lost , you all look like the guys crazy for football that just curse everyone when something bad happens , if you gotta ruin esports then go to the russian teams of CS:GO. SKT won for all those years because they were good. SSG won congrats , but who the fuck opened the Zoo Cage for all this low elo shits that didnt even watch the whole worlds to comment?

  5. Fucking finally. God I was so sick of them winning everything. Thank you SSG for making worlds enjoyable to watch again.

  6. “There is no greater achievement in league of legends than beating SKT in a worlds finale” it doesn’t even matter who wins the worlds SKT already won league of legends

  7. Poor SKT T1, they had held their 1st place for so many years and to be overthrown like that is so embarasing for them. I feel bad for all of SKT T1 especially Faker. He was the #1 player for so long and then got overthrown and lost to SSG. I feel bad for all of SKT T1. Better luck next time SKT.

  8. i feel a bit sad for faker because he,s the number one strongest in her team i wish faker was not cyring he's cyring for saddnest now get up skt you will do it the next time i believe in you skt i believe in you ……😌😌😌😌😌😌😌

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