Slide It Soccer 3d. Free game for phone, tablet or browser

Slide-it Soccer 3d

Here’s another of our fantastic 3D soccer games, just in time for the football world cup.

Choose your favorite soccer teams :- Manchester United, Bayern Munic, Barcelona, etc then do battle on the pitch with our soccer-tastic 3D Slide It Soccer game.

Football players can only slide backwards and forwards, touch anywhere on a players slide rail, then drag left or right slightly to move the player. If playing single player mode you play from left to right. First team to score 5 goals wins.

Play against the computer or set up your very own mini FIFA soccer champion tournament with your friends. Sorry this is not an online game though, you’ll need to face your opponent across the soccer table on your mobile or tablet.

We’ve made the players and ball a little chunky so to improve game experience on smaller devices, and tablets, but if they do have a 12 foot touch screen down the pub then that would look really awesome.

So download and enjoy our Slide It Soccer app, I would write more but I’ve got a friendly game between Real Madrid and Chelsea to finish.

Tactics :- try and keep your men behind the ball so they are ready to sprint forwards, dribble then kick the ball into the back of the net. If your men are in front of the ball you could easily score an own goal when charging back for defense.

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