SSG vs SKT – Game 3 – Worlds 2017 Finals – Samsung Galaxy vs SK Telecom T1 G3 | Worlds 2017

2017 World Championship Finals #Worlds2017

Samsung Galaxy vs SK Telecom T1 G3 Worlds 2017 Finals.
SSG vs SKT Game 3 Worlds Championship 2017 Finals.

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31 Replies to “SSG vs SKT – Game 3 – Worlds 2017 Finals – Samsung Galaxy vs SK Telecom T1 G3 | Worlds 2017”

  1. There are three types of comments here:
    "Good work to SSG, Faker will come back next year!"
    "Faker is still the best, even if he lost <3"

  2. Im disliking cos the content isnt yours. U have no citation of where u got this. Also u monetize it.

    Braindead content.
    I wouldve pressed the like button if its not monetized 🙂

  3. this match skt lost because their team comp relies on bang to carry but no ardent senser from wolf, a lot of times bang is unable to deal damage after cooldown of Q is down, a fatal mistake i would say. if observe carefully, in the last two teamfight, the no. of autos that bang is contributing is so little compared to rular

  4. I want to see Samsung Tristana skin for tribute to MVP Bang so i can use it when i feel like trolling and play against my own team for fun…!!!

  5. Can anyone tell me whats the background music in the pick and ban phase? i been searching hard for it. Thank you!

  6. To all the shtty people who are badmouthing SKT members just because they lost, please, shut up. Before you say anything, you should know your place and read these questions. Have you been in Worlds? Have you won in Worlds? Have you ever even defeated Faker or other players in 1v1? Do you know how hard it is to be Champion in worlds? Why do you even hate SKT? Why do you people bash SKT for winning and Bash other teams for Losing? Wtf is wrong with you people? Instead of badmouthing SKT, just Respect them. I am not a fan of SSG, RNG, or other teams but I respect them. I don't badmouth them unlike you people who badmouth SKT. You don't know how hard it is to win World Championships. Yeah, even I don't know because I'm really weak. But have you ever seen me badmouth any teams? No. Because I don't. You people who don't have anything NICE to say, JUST SHUT UP. IT'S DISRESPECTFUL. ALL THOSE WHO ARE JUST WATCHING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP AND NEVER BEEN ON ONE SHOULD STOP BADMOUTHING SKT AND OTHER TEAMS. Yeah, I do mostly say SKT because that is the only team almost everyone hates. Right? SKT should not have haters nor do any other teams should have. Faker cried and now the haters show up saying "SKT GETS REKTED" "LEGENDS ALWAYS DIE" "FAKER NOOB" "SKT WORST TEAM EVER" etc. Know your freakin place because I know mine. Seriously, shut up if you don't have anything NICE to say. Just try to reply something rude.TRY IT YOU RUDE,DISRESPECTFUL PEOPLE. Lols. Bye haters.

  7. For all the people who were not for SSG but against SKT and are like XD FAKER CRY THE END OF SKT it's really wicked SSG was awesome but SKT still one of the best team in the world so come down with insult particulary agaisnt Bang

  8. I am not a big fan of peanut or blank, I think they are both inconsistent, and switching between the two can't be good for their confidence and performance, but I think they are where the main troubles came through for SKT this season. A big part of that, in my opinion, is Gragas isn't the best jungle pick but they use it a lot anyway. As for just this series, Blank was able to do well with it in the early game and get some of his lanes ahead but in the late game I didn't feel like he did enough for his teams. Huni and Bang are both players that you know can do really well if they show up, although I don't think Huni is as good as Marin was, but this game Bang just wasn't up it, his damage was lacking and his positioning kept forcing him to qss and rocket jump at bad times. I'm almost positive that, at least in that last game, there is some way bang could have stepped it up and saved the game for his team but it didn't happen.

  9. seeing RNG throw the game made me so mad, bang is so bad, the final was supossed to be RNG vs SSG, that would be a real game

  10. Faker wont give up.. Just like when they failed in 2013, they got back much stronger and won worlds 2 times in a row

  11. guys notice when ruler varus flash for faker karma his flash timer, that must have been like 1 second at most thill he got his flash back…

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