Team Ico – Shared Universe Theory

Does The Last Guardian share the same universe as Shadow of the Colossus and Ico? What exactly is going on in these three games?

This is just my theory about how Team Ico’s three games are connected. If you disagree, awesome! Please tell me your own theories in the comment section. 🙂

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49 Replies to “Team Ico – Shared Universe Theory”

  1. It's Okay I Play The Last Guardian Well I Don't Adout The Last Guardian With The Other Games There are Lot Of Different

  2. I honestly thought the last guardian was about aliens. And the reason the valley is there is because its where the ship crash landed into the earth. And the main tower is a space ship and they feed it humans to keep the alien in suspended animation

  3. You can definitely see that all 3 games share the same Art styles . Shadow of the Colossus Remaster is beautifully done,definitely on my PS4 top 5 must have list

  4. Why can’t team ico just explain the story we waited all this time for last guardian and it explained nothing

  5. Those two spheres at the top of the castle's gate each look like an unlit version of the master of the vallay. Maybe it's just as a symbol and the master is the highest entity (we know) or there were many more than the one long before SotC and Ico take place (I assume TLG is the first chronologically and they're the origin of everything horn-based) and these are just dead masters the queen is using, like the kleftover power of them, or…

  6. Great imagination. Unfortunately, the games share the same universe but arent connected Like Ueda explicitily said. I just wonder why everything need to fit in a piece of puzzle. Same thing happened with Zelda. Fans wanted to so much to have the game connected that nintendo made a timeline that make no sense. The games are better enjoyed as seprate from each other without trying to connect dots. When you try to connect the games together, you get stuff like your theory, and while I respect your speculation, I find that it dimish each games impact. I guess thats why ueda never made direct connections with his previous games. It's because it dimish each games in term of impact and story. Every games sharing a universe don't need direct or indirect connections. It's a mistake Kojima made with Metal Gear Solid, a series that went from ok to good to total mess with MGS4, 5, and all the side stories on portable. With The Last guardian debacle, I don't think Ueda is going to make another game on this scale. The game lost money, critics were lukewarm, fans werent happy and to be honest, I,m sad to admit that TLG is a hot mess myself, it took a long time to admit to myself that this wasnt a good game at all but I,m also sad that I don't think we'll see another game in this universe.

  7. I feel like the more notiacable one is about the ying-yang of darkness and light, it somehow seems to make the most sense when linked with the colour turquoise. There's something about this colour, it could be the colour to show that this is a magical property of goodness, light, or power. As mentioned, the colossi are made of the same entity, the same power, and through the cracks in their skin, turquoise shows. Their eyes also glow turquoise at times (mostly), and so do virtually all of the shadow creatures/living beings. (e.g. Demon Wander, Dormin, The Knights, Trico from time to time, The Shadow Children). But I think there's something more to this. The Master of The Valley, in fact, glows turquoise, and bears symbols, like the little boy. So do the symbols when you're captured by the Knights, and when the rest of Trico's race put the children into some sort of food dispenser. It seems to be some sort of ancient or forbidden magic. The Master of The Valley's symbols not only are very similar or the same to the boy's, this could possibly mean that, when the boys are put into the food dispenser and the barrel shoots out, the barrel is full of the turquoise (which could be their life essence). But the question is- the horned children are put into the sarcophagus and the life energy is sucked out of them to keep the queen alive, then the children are turned into the Shadow Children. It could be the same with the guards and the Master of The Valley. The children could have the life energy sucked out of them, then turned into Shadow Creatures. The energy could be sucked in by the Master of The Valley, to keep it the most powerful being there, so it is not overridden. Then, the darkness which is left over, could most likely be suited and controlled by the Master of The Valley.
    Just a theory.

  8. Even though I have never played shadow of the colossus, or Ico, or the last guardian, it's all still very interesting. I have PS2 so I should really get S.O.C. at least.

  9. Ineresting theories. SOTC is a game that changed my life, I now have a folk-ambient band dedicated to its universe

  10. Another thing is you can find a barrel from the last guardian in the shadow of the colossus remake

  11. I don’t believe this, but it would make sense I guess if it was proven true; but what if those giant griffin guardians took the kids with horns and used them as sacrifices too? Idk

  12. childish silly explanation! no imagination and complete lack of understanding of Fumito Ueda intention and artistic inspiration

  13. Maybe Trico is also a colossus, from where all of the colossi originally came from. Maybe there's actually more colossi than we think, and those 16 were chosen to protect what they were given to protect. Maybe there's different colossi in other areas. I wonder if that that little boy you play as in The Last Guardian, is similar to Wander from Shadow Of The Colossus. Maybe he was taken to a forbidden land for a purpose.

  14. Is it possible that Ico is a grown up but still young form of wander since SOTC is a prequel to Ico? A bit of a noob to the series so pls contradict me if this is dumb

  15. To me the greatest link is the similarity of the architecture. The world is filled with vast empty spaces that have ruins of very unique design. The almost total lack of inhabitants is another factor.
    I find i must agree with the shadow connection very strongly too.

  16. Kudos to you sir. Your channel is what Game Theory was supposed to be. I forget which video was the tipping point for that channel's fall into mediocrity.

  17. Games can have similar themes and not be related. I personally think they do tell an over arching story but we would need to find definitive evidence to prove that they do share a universe or if the creators just 3 very similar games

  18. I'd love to see Team Ico make a game based on Ancient Near-East religion/culture. Much of our Abrahamic religion, which has shaped almost all of the modern west, has it's roots in ancient Sumarian, Akkadian, Ugarit, and other civilizations that may have resembled a world like these games.

    I mostly think of SotC, and what it'd be like to play a character whose culture says it's completely acceptable to kill and sacrifice to appease the gods.

    Maybe more specifically, I'd like to see the Epic of Gilgamesh as a game from Team Ico 🙂

  19. Idk if it's been said, but your theory about SotC how they sucked the magic from the land to fuel the collosai would explain the lack of life in any of the regions. Geckos can crawl in from the surrounding forests and the birds can fly in, but otherwise without any life/magic to fuel the ecosystem it would be barren.

  20. I am thinking that the games are a trilogy told in reverse. Continuity wise, The Last Guardian would be the game furthest set in the past, then come Shadow of the Colossus, and Finally comes the game ICO. The possibility that the Mono might eventually become the antagonist of ICO, and that Wander is the progenitor of all of the Horned Boys is incredible.

  21. It's a shame dormin says so little other than describing the colossi. I feel like dormin knows ways more about the world than he/she lets on.

  22. I have a theory that wonder is a Reincarnation of ico.And the boy you play as in the last guardian is a reincarnation of wonder.

  23. I always saw The Valley to be very similar to the forbidden lands. From the beginning anyway, I just assumed that they were all in the same universe.

  24. like many others, i think tlg came first. I think there is a tie between the dark master and dormin, however I'm not entirely sure yet what exactly that tie is. That being said, I used to hate the theory that mono is the queen in Ico… but honestly the more i think about it, the more it starts to make sense as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    They killed mono because she had "a cursed fate", but her revival at the hands of dormin and wander were ultimately what made that cursed fate come to pass. They indirectly orchestrated the birth of the queen.

    As for her affixation on sacrifice of horned children, maybe it's the connection between her and wander. Perhaps mono eventually absorbed wander? Maybe, in absorbing the light from him, she realized she could gain power if she continued to prey on similar children. The ignorance of the people who would sacrifice horned children was probably easy to cultivate, providing her with a steady supply to make/keep her powerful.

    Of course, with so much of this having little to no real evidence, this is just my theory ^.^

  25. I think they are related. When you look at the Architecture from SotC and TLG there aren't many difrences. And the clothes they are wearing in Ico and SotC are too very similar.

  26. mono's cursed fate is to become the queen(ico) as she was ritually euthanized by lord emon.

    dormin(nico) is sleeping and ancient deity of the land and was returned to sleep by the ancient sword.

    the master of the valley(trico) is the remaining power of the queen after her death, as dormin is bound to sleep by the holy sword there should be no dormin's fragment that can influence the forbidden lands.

  27. the timeline in uncertain but the shadows answer to the queen ico and dormin in sotc.

    now both needed a vessel to continuously exist as an immortal.

    is the queen dormin or is dormin the queen? and how does it relate to the master of the valley?

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