Team liquid Battle Cup 5 Man 5 Dagon!!!

Watch the game when team liquid use 5 dagon in the same game with me, and learn from it how you can use dagon to win a game of dota!
➥➥➥How I make this video?➥➥➥
– First I search the game from dota 2 client replay which is free to download, and then I will pick the best game with match id and download it (this part take 2 to 3 hours) all the match from any player is public and you are free to download, make the playthrough without commentary video and monetize it as the Valve policy here (you can read more bellow) nothing to do with the player because all the replay own by Valve company it self.
I used dota 2 client to find a game and do the research. Valve allowed everyone to get the replay of anyone play in game and make the video of our own.

– Second: I changed the terrain to my custom texture, change the global light, add some fire fly effect, add the trees model (Before and here is After my edit sometimes I will remove the hood with these command:

Hide Bottom : dota_hud_hide_mainhud 1
Show Bottom: dota_hud_hide_mainhud 0
Hide Top Bar: dota_hud_hide_topbar 1
Show Top Bar: dota_hud_hide_topbar 0
Hide Mini Map: dota_hud_hide_minimap 1
Show Mini Map: dota_hud_hide_minimap 0

Sometimes I change the camera angle to this
and I change the water color with a mod. At this point the game is look far more better than before.

– Third: after I got the replay I will record the game with !Action recorder, I will pick the most important and edit out the mess (this part take me 3-4 hours )

– Fourth: sometimes I do commentary for the tournament matches, if I can’t I will hire some guys to do it for me. If the tournament have the caster and give it to me then I will use it for my videos.

– Last part: After all I have all the material I will use Premier or Davinci Resolve to edit my videos, add all the text, item buying time, talent tree, slow mo, screen shaking, transition, add audio effect from youtube sound library, and the music from dota 2 which is free to use in dota videos. (This process take me 5 hours including the rendering part)

music: Dota 2 ingame – The International 2018 Music Pack (free to use and monetize in any dota 2 clip)
“We encourage our users to make videos using Valve game content, such as playthrough or instruction videos or SFM movies.”

In this video I tried my best to film, do the camerawork and edit the game highlights as you can see. I changed terrain to the most beautiful one in dota 2.

I added a guide tab how to learn skill tree in the right corner for each video, and time to buy each item.

You can use it to learn how to play, which item to buy, what skills you need to learn first and make decision in game to get higher Rank in Dota 2.

Hope you guys like it. Leave me a comment bellow to help me improve and make better videos in the future.
Thank you!!

Valve – Dota 2 monetize video policy:
“You are free to monetize your videos via the YouTube partner program and similar programs on other video sharing sites. Please don’t ask us to write YouTube and tell them its fine with us to post a particular video using Valve content. It’s not possible to respond to each such request. Point them to this page.”
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  1. Booster be like: im going to boost some bcup games. Game 1: playing vs liquid. Oh, well. We lost

  2. I seems like they dont play with pro team…. they couldn't avoid simple mine with no static stun

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