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36 Replies to “The Brain Eaters (1958)”

  1. No humans were harmed in this movie. Yes, the dogs were killed for this movie. PETA wasn’t around then. ☠️☠️☠️

  2. Spoiler Alert!! Someone please remind me that the lead actor dies in the end so I don’t watch this again.😩 Thank you for posting💖

  3. Her… (suspiro) Não vou dizer que não gostei; mas… Apesar desta fita lembrar Os Invasores de Corpos ( Invasion of the Body Snatchers) não chega nem perto do clássico. Faltaram ingredientes que poderiam torna-lo pelo menos, um bom filme. Talvez eu assista de novo. Vou dar uma nota 06.

  4. What did Shostakovich ever do to get mixed up in this? His eleventh symphony was only 2 years old when they ripped it off and used it here – without copyright permission.

  5. I'm sure in 58 they never considered folks would be still watching this in 2019. Would be a blast to see how our films will be viewed in the future.

  6. Guy crawling through tunnel passes by sign on wall.
    "No secret entrance HERE!"
    "Well, better keep on crawling. I'm sure there must be a secret entrance somewhere!"

  7. amigo,porquenoproyecta su pelicula en español,si no puede entonce enrrollela bien enrrollada y metasela donde ud. ya sabe

  8. I just LOVE THESE OLDOVIES, made for the idiots FIRST DEGREE MASON'S……LOLOLOL It's so obvious after Albert fart brained Pike….and makes Eastern Stars look like dumb whores

  9. Shostakovich as incidental-music, recognisable at 15.09 and 36.59: this picture had CLASS, if not much else ! Ed Nelson must have had bills to pay, along with Steve McQueen, whose career started with the at-least-more-exciting "The Blob" around the same time.

  10. I thought this movie was about one Donald the Trump. In it, he masquerades as sane until he is ruled insane. Either way Donald, it is time you took a 20-year vacation…. time for you to be getting sleepy, of retiring, of gone Gone GONE.

  11. " Um…excuse me but why is your back throbbing like that " ……" I mistakenly took viagra for back pain ".

  12. Americans and their guns, scary stuff to me, thank God I live in a saner part of the world and why are films so often about killing, violence, cruelty and more killing, what is wrong with this world, ashamed and saddened by it all

  13. I have seen an oscilloscope and a Geiger counter in just about every old horror movie. They use the oscilloscope for everything but what it is intended to be used for. I seen then steering the Hunley in a movie called "Behemoth". They use it for navigational equipment, talking to aliens, sensing the unknown and even in the opening sequel of The Outer Limits. Them good old control boys!

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