The Sims 4 Tutorial – #16 – How to Install Mods

You wanted to see more videos on mods, so I figured this would be a good place to start!

Door Lock mod:

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21 Replies to “The Sims 4 Tutorial – #16 – How to Install Mods”

  1. Why does the "mods" folder have to be in "documents" I got my game on another drive than C and i want it in that same drive. Is it possible to create the "mods" folder in the game installation dolder instead?

  2. can someone help??

    just downloaded sims 4 onto my pc… new to modding. Followed every guide to downloading mods and CC. I go onto the correct download links and find the downloads of the mods i want. I have found my sims 4 folder and the mods folder. The problem i have is, when i click to download the mod, i get a notification saying theres no app to download the file. Arrrr its so annoying, can anyone help?

  3. When i went into the sims 4 file, there wasn't a mods folder. I have a macbook air. Can anyone help?

  4. Thank you!! This video was so easy to follow along and understand. I’ve been wanting to download mods but never understood until now. You are a life saver!

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