The Sims 4 Tutorial: How to use Mod Manager

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Welcome to another tutorial video, today I will show you how to easily use and organize all your CC Package files, or the way I prefer to organize my files.

Hope you find this tutorial informative and feel free to leave suggestions on what tutorial you would like to see next! Thanks for watching!

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20 Replies to “The Sims 4 Tutorial: How to use Mod Manager”

  1. Can u do a new updated video since this is 4 years old and the program hasn’t been updated since 2015?

  2. is There a way to see what cc I used on my sim? I'm currently trying to get rid of cc but don't wanna get rid of the wrong thing. Some of my cc is not labeled if it is clothes, hair, etc.

  3. I know this video is super old but is it safe to move the folder you download TS4MM into the mods folder? Or the Sims 4 folder in general? Idk what to do with it haha

  4. I swear the old Sims 2 one would sort your mods by category for you?? There is no way in hell I manually sorted through 50K (I shit you not) mods hahahaha

    I kinda assumed this would auto sort too?? So only now at 5k, I have decided I needed some organisation in my life.. I find out I have to do it… MYSELF??!!!


  5. Question. So i have windows 10 and its also a laptop. I downloaded over 1200 mods and my game would just get stuck on the sims 4 screen. it wouldnt go to the diamond thingy or anything. so i removed all my mods except like 5 and the game ran perfectly. even 400 mods make my game crash and im a mod junkie like you. so my question is will this mod manager allow me to download more mods without my game crashing again?

  6. Thanks for the tutorial but I have all my mods in one big folder so….. help. Any suggestions? I really don't want to download all my mods again…

  7. Need help I download TS4 Mod Manager and put four Sims 4 CC main mod section and then close it and start Sims 4 and Sims 4 freeze at Logo screen

  8. Thanks for a great tutorial 🙂
    I wasn't sure whether this was something I could use or not and I still think it might not be for me as I just manually create subfolders and add the cc and mods to the right subfolder… then if I need to locate a certain cc, I use Sims 4 Tray Importer and if I want to find out whether there are duplicates or corrupt files, I use ModConflictDetector.
    Is there something else I can use Mod Manager for, when I have these other programmes/mods that work fine?
    Btw I love your reply to that stupid comment someone made that your voice made him/her cringe – you gave the best reply you could 🙂
    I don't get why some people feel a need to try to hurt other people's feelings, but they unfortunately are commenting now and then (have gotten a few myself on my singin cover videos on my channel, but thankfully don't feel hurt by them at all anymore lol)… and your voice definitely did NOT make me cringe.
    Wishing you a wonderful day. Will check out your channel 🙂

  9. I found this confusing i followed everything but i was so confused

    I have needed to find a video anout this mod manager but its cofusing cuz i have like 9000+ mods

  10. I wish there was a way we could see a preview of objects… It would be much easier to delete objects we don't need anymore 😉

  11. so i have a problem
    i downloaded cc and did every single step to make them in the game and watched alot of vids and when i open the game it shows me the box that shows me my cc but when i open CAS nothing is there and i cant find them in the CAS but the box still show me my cc name
    please help mee
    tell me what to do or do a vid tutorial

  12. Hi! I recently downloaded this manager (and also recently got into mods) and I just wanted to add, if you* multiple mods in the mod manager, you can move multiple mods to the personal folders. 🙂 (I was also messing with my manager while listening to this, so if you said it and I missed it, i'm sorry.

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