Thin and Powerful? ASUS ZenBook 14 (UX433F) Laptop Review

The ASUS ZenBook 14 is a thin, light and portable laptop with some fair specs that look alright for light gaming, so let’s find what’s on offer in this detailed review and if it’s worth it. I’ll be looking at everything including battery life, thermals, fan noise, gaming performance and everything in between.

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42 Replies to “Thin and Powerful? ASUS ZenBook 14 (UX433F) Laptop Review”

  1. I bought one for use at uni. I7. Mx150 and the 512gb ssd. I absolutely love it.
    In terms of gaming I tend to just use my custom built desktop, the Asus runs older games just fine

  2. Asus …
    Not a company that a IT in charge of millions can have confidence in.
    My experiences with Asus.
    1 – A strange mix of high end and garbage components. Meant to deceptively look good on paper.
    2 – Lack of support. Driver bugs and design defects are never addressed.
    3 – Marketing hype and highly suspicious 3rd party reviews.
    We were able to avoid bricking a huge batch of Zenbooks due to being highly distrustful of Asus from past experiences.
    After years of absolutely no updates or other support from Asus, out of no where Asus releases a BIOS update for Zenbook 300LN.
    We tested it on one unit. It bricked it. Now unable to boot into Windows.
    We had this happen before when companies were desparate for sales and needed costumers with their older models to become useless.

    As a professional of over 28 years, I recommend avoiding Asus.
    For individal consumers getting any support at all would be a miracle.

  3. By make sure to buy right amount of ram he means if you're not rich then buy max ram or don't buy cuz trying to sell 4 or 8 gb laptop a few years later will lower the price very very much.

  4. IMPORTANT : if you wanna game … Even if are an enthusiast … I'mma recommend this laptop.. buy a laptop cooling pad and you are all set … There is no thermal issues , no framedrops… I was worried at the beginning, but now I'm happy … This is true message

    Some fps :

    Fortnite – pro settings – 120+fps
    Apex – low to medium – nearly 100 fps – stable 60 +
    WWE 2k19 and Fifa 19 : high settings – 60 fps
    Csgo and rainbow six – high settings – 100+ fps
    Overwatch – high – 100 fps
    Rocket league – 1080p – ultra – 90fps

  5. Could this handle autodesk revit 2020? I am studying as a construction engineer, so it is'nt for proffesional use, but on the other hand, I don't want the 3D to lack. Thank you

  6. Micro SD slot makes this a "pass" for me……….after using the ux330, I was quite happy to move to the quad core ux430 with 16gb and 512 SSD……with a full size SD slot, which enables me to pull the card from the camera and not need extra dongles or readers……Looking for the UX534 next and hopefully a good battery life to take the machine on my motorcycle for photography outings……gaming is more in the past than the present…. 😉

  7. I have a question. I am an mechanical engineer. I wonder if this laptop works for me? I use programs suck as Solid, Abaqus, catia and….
    Thank you for your answer

  8. if somebody wants the laptop that handles heavy gaming don't get the zenbook 14 because it does not take heavy if you want a laptop that handles heavy gaming just get the alienware area 51m or the msi gt76

  9. Hi! Great review! I appreciate that you covered the screen evaluation in a dark room. I really like this laptop, but the backlight bleed is a deal breaker for me. I don't know if this is due to poor quality control, but it's definitely not something nice to see. I have a 2012 laptop and it doesn't have issues like that. Have you seen this issue on other laptops or is it more Asus related?

  10. Hey! I only need a laptop for programming and streaming purposes. I only play 2 games : Rocket League and CSGO. Will this laptop be able to handle both these games? ( They aren't very system demanding)

  11. How about Coil whining noise? This annoying noise is associated with that version. If encountered, what helps to be debugged? What to do when that coil whine is experienced?

  12. for your information, that number printed on the numpad is just a sticker. You can simply peel it off and get the smooth feel trackpad.

  13. I was hoping this could be my next laptop (I'm using an 8 year old Macbook Air).
    Really disappointed by the limitations on the CPU/GPU.. the Blade 13 seems to be making much better use of its MX150.

  14. It’s always a bit more expensive in my country although we’re closer to China which I assume is where it’s produced.

    Roughy equates to 1.5 K USD for the high spec model and around 1.1 K USD for the lower spec model.

  15. I'm glad that I didn't buy this laptop at first, now I am sure I made correct decision after watching your video. A really detailed video for the performance benchmark and real life gaming test, great job mate!
    I bought Ideapad 530s in the end, with MX150 and I5 8250U, even with dual fans it also has similar throttling issues with gaming, although it is not that bad compare to this laptop, still playable with low to mid settings in 720p and 1080p.

  16. I am having reservations to buy this after seeing your video. What ultrabooks would you recommend that can do light gaming like Dota 2/Overwatch?

  17. Ultrabooks with these low end graphics cards are pointless, better to go for a lower end spec and cloud game using Geforce Now or Shadow for a much better experience.

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