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46 Replies to “Tupaki HD”

  1. You Producers are very poor people by heart and narrow minded.You always try to prove Muslims terrorist.Your thinking level is to o poor.Why do you aim Islam, where Islam is a Peaceful religion.I swear no religion is more peaceful than Islam in the world.Did you ever read The HOLY QURAN. Don't do this in movies like in this.It is against humanity and ethics.You are not going to get any reward for doing this in your movies but you are making people against you and your movies.

  2. very nice and brilliant performance by Vijay

    and decent movie with wonderful message

    hats off to Indian soldiers

    Jai hind

  3. Murugadoss is a great director … I am a big fan of his work…. Ghajni thupaki kathi ramana cult movies

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