Using Count and CountA in Excel – Excel Tutorial

Find my whole Excel playlist here: Learn how to use two simple functions that can help you generate important information in Excel: Count and CountA. You’ll also learn about the Excel Status Bar and how it can help you. Here’s an example file that you can use to try it out as you follow along with the video: #excel #exceltutorial
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12 Replies to “Using Count and CountA in Excel – Excel Tutorial”

  1. Do you have the file for this example? I really appreciate your teaching and would like to try it for myself! I just don’t have a big data set. Thanks again!

  2. Another great video! Thank you for your valued efforts in creating these. Could you make the excel sheets you created available to download? It would be great for easy access and playing along with instructions.

  3. I have a spreadsheet where I want to keep track of a number in a lot of cells and how many times the number appears. Also When the number appears i want it to go back to 0 and start the count again until the number pops back up. Can excel do that?

  4. Thank you bro, hope you will always keep making these sort of videos.I find them really useful.God bless you bro ❤

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