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15 Replies to “Vung Tau Travel Guide – by Rusty Compass”

  1. Vung Tau is a favourite of mine. The beaches are better than they are given credit for . It cheap to stay there, the locals don't follow you around demanding you buy something. The food is amazing and the people are very friendly

  2. Surprised you had not heard of Vung Tau previously as it was well-represented by Australia during the war. I taught English there 20 years ago and returned many times since then and have met many returning vets who had settled there or had came back for a visit. The pace of change there has been remarkable over the past 20 years. I am sure that the Vung Tau I encountered in 2000 would have been quite recognizable to someone who was there in 1970 but quite alien today for someone who last visited in 2000. I plan on revisiting next year so thanks for the tasty appetizer travelogue. Speaking of which, one of my adult students used to take me by motorbike–NO cars back then–to countless shops and street vendors to introduce me to the wonders of Vietnamese cuisine, including banh khot. As for the old Soviet-era hydrofoils that ran from TPHCM: they were dirty, undependable, noisy…and awesome. I will miss them! Once again, thanks for the work and your commentary. Cheers!

  3. Refreshing to watch a travel video that's not just a montage of drone shots with life-affirming electronic background music.

  4. Very friendly place especially amongst foreigners, I don't even get acknowledgement here in Chiang Mai. Going to relocate to VT in a few months…..

  5. Nice to see modern Vung Tau — not been in 20 years! I read banh khot might hail from Vung Tau. Any ideas?

  6. What are the prices like here for Food, Beer etc. Thinking of a day trip From Saigon in a few weeks time.

  7. Great place and interesting to wander the streets. I have made lots of local friends there by wandering the streets.

  8. I have always liked vt… You have got to just slip into the pace…. I was heart broken by what happened to the Long Tan memorial

  9. I enjoyed the long weekend there,, ,peaceful, quiet and great people with great food…. awesome place to recharge

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