Was the Minecraft "Phantom" Mob… a Mistake?

Are Minecraft Phantoms flawed as they currently are?
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23 Replies to “Was the Minecraft "Phantom" Mob… a Mistake?”

  1. Interestingly enough, Phantoms and Spiders can't damage a shield, making it more useful than it is.

  2. I hadn't played minecraft in a while. Long story short, PTSD turned me into a rampaging pussy who got extremely paranoid and scared whenever hearing a mob sound. The last straw was when I discovered the silverfish for the first time, with me promptly noping the hell outta the game once I dealt with the silverfish and not returning to the game. Well, my 6 year old nephew wants to play the game and I'm gonna be expected to help guide him through it, despite the fact I've barely played. Well, yesterday I booted up the game for the first time in yonks. Was fighting some drowned, doing just fine, then I got hit out of nowhere. It was basicallg a massive jump scare for me, so I backed up a bit from the drowned and looked around for skeletons. Nothing. Head back towards the drowned, bam, hit again, no idea why. Decided to head for my house. Got hit again, looked around again, nothing. Tried to sleep, got a message saying enemies were nearby. Got hit one more time before I decided to look up. These bastards. I actually think they're a good mob and a neat mechanic, but since I didn't know about them, I was absolutely terrified at first every time I got hit for seemingly no reason. Well played Mojang, well played.

  3. The biggest problem is when you are in a Survival Server that is not in 1.15 or the Admins don’t disable the Phantoms.

  4. Ruined the game, never playing survival again, no point, nothing you can do, 10 of them spawn in plain biomes and you literally can't do anything, ridiculous OP and beyond game breaking. Thankyou mojang, I thought I could enjoy this game like when I was a teenager, nah, time to grow up, nice way to throw your game down the trash 👌🏼

  5. I feel like they should spawn after a few nights of not sleeping, not just one. So dumb going out exploring and having to haul ass back before night time cause if you dont sleep they start spawning. Night time was such an enjoyable time to do exploring cause literally everything that was able to spawn, spawned, now you cant even step outside in your safe ass build you made waaay up in the sky to avoid night time mobs, with out like 14 of these shits dive bombing you taking out quarter of your health each hit lol

  6. i have no problems with phantoms cause whenever i go adventuring i always bring a bed even before the phantoms was a thing

    also by the way fighting them on bedrock edition is more of a challenge cause for some reason their attack damage in java is 3.5 on hard

    however in bedrock edition their attack on hard is 9.5

  7. Mob A was the choice I would have gone with but…honestly…I really like the Phantoms. Yes, I know I'm insane but I just like the mob in general. They just could be quirked a bit. Also, mob D was a valid choice. I didn't like it until now but it seemed cool. I still don't like mob C and I don't really know why.

  8. Ok at first I loved the phantom, but now I have a rational fear of them, whenever I get into a world with a friend or two and whenever I see them in the air I immediately try to die until the sun is out, when they show up and I don’t have a base I dig a little hole until it’s safe, I can’t stand them anymore!

  9. The only good thing about it for me is because I dont have mending on my elytra yet.

    Oh yeah do you think it's pronounced e-l-Y-truh or e-lEE-truh ?

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