When Jong Kook was Singing on Stage.. Jae Seok was Jumping Around! [Running Man Ep 449]

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42 Replies to “When Jong Kook was Singing on Stage.. Jae Seok was Jumping Around! [Running Man Ep 449]”

  1. Whenever there is an episode dedicated to a member I get annoyed because the member who the episode is dedicated to trys too hard and that easily becomes annoying. Now I like the crazy kid character that sonmin has in the show, I don't hate her personally but I do get annoyed by her a lot. That doesn't make me a hater. As a fan who has been watching this show since day 1 I honestly think I have the right to express my opinions towards her character. I don't understand why in the comments you all are fighting the 'haters' just because some fans find her annoying? I used to get annoyed by Kwang so whenever he betrayed them and by ji hyo whenever she got mad at Kwang so in the early days. Its normal. She is new to being popular so she is trying to get as much attention as she could and that annoys me. She is cute and funny but also very annoying. That does not make me or any other fan a hater. Also just to fuel your "hater fighting duties" further I skipped the episode that was dedicated to her and wanted to break the tv at the end of the episode before that when she turned out to be the couple and framed Ji hyo for it. Go ahead call me a hater 🤨

  2. much better to watch keep running china, running man korea is more and more boring just saying

  3. "What does this mean?"
    I just burst out laughing, why is this so funny to me 😂 jongkook is such a savage ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  4. I hope the psycho fans are not hating her for that….. so what if there's an age gap. best husbands are the older men.

  5. I'm glad that Jong kook finally accepts Somin and is comfortable with her. I remember back when Somin first joined the cast, you could see him judging her constantly.

  6. wherenever Jeon So Min said all in this video but my eyes only see to Song Ji Hyo because she is the main of the Running Man.. SongJiHyo x JuJiHoon

  7. I really dont think why korean n japanese can accept …..voice….to sing…..to sharp n hard to listen…..😥😦😧😨😩

  8. all the sjh x kjk comments below are so cringe worthy.. like they're scripted. and this isn't abt them. jaesuk is funny standing up like that but the sns interaction btwn jongkook and somin are cute. glad to see them close. especially in Instagram where the somin haters lurk…

  9. Jaeseok even gave Jongkook some money in the back stage because he couldn't figure out what food should he buy for KJK lol

  10. Why I felt that ji hyo is left alone I mean it looks like they doesn't even care of her anymore!

  11. I thought it was auto correction or they spelled the name wrong because I was thinking of BTS Jungkook..

  12. Hawwwww, if it wasn’t for the age gap i would cheer them on! ✊🏼 but im still shipping for SJH and KJK, they can’t deny the chemistry they have built over the years and the hype of moments they’ve had earlier this year through 2019 – i really hope this is the year! ❤️🤞🏼

  13. What ever is that I still miss Monday couple, Gary left RM the smile of ji hyo I never saw it. 😞😞😞 Sad to say they are not meant to be. 2019 still can't move on 😭😭😭😭

  14. It's sweet but not surprising So Min and Jong Kook became friends quickly. She's very much like Kwang Soo and Jong Kook befriended him easily, as well.

  15. What if suddenly SJH made a personal account or take over the account that was managed by her agency 😁😁😁

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