Wilson A2000 Robinson Cano Game Model 11.5" Baseball Glove

Baseball Express presents this limited edition, exclusive glove from Wilson, the official ball glove of Major League Baseball. Constantly improving patterns. Materials that perform. Meticulous dependable construction. The evolution of the A2000 baseball glove has been driven by insights from the Wilson Advisory Staff. This is why hard working players love its unmatched feel, rugged durability and perfect break-in. The A2000 RC22 Game Model glove is one of a kind, so you won’t find it anywhere else. We only made a few, so get yours now!

Robinson Cano has played in five consecutive All Star Games, and he leads all active second basemen in double plays turned. The key to all those double plays – speed. Quick hands. Quick feet. Quick transitions. To help with quick transitions, Cano keeps his A2000 RC22 GM basebal glove light by using SuperSkin in all the right places. In a game of milliseconds, every ounce counts. A shallow and stable pocket allows you to get the ball in, out, and keep your ankles intact when you turn two.

Wilson spent decades working with MLB players to refine the A2000 baseball glove so that it outperforms and outlasts all others. The A2000 SuperSkin Baseball glove series combines ProStock Leather with the durable, man-made SuperSkin material. SuperSkin is lightweight and durable making your baseball glove break in easier and last longer.

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  1. That glove can fit me because I believe they said it was 11 and 1/2in and that I think is my glove length

  2. Those gloves are light when I was working at Academy Sports & Outdoors I got the chance to try them on

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