You Underestimated Techies | +251 Damage Talent – DotA 2

I rarely ever choose the +251 damage talent and this time was a pure piss in the wind decision. Who would’ve thought it would go so well?

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39 Replies to “You Underestimated Techies | +251 Damage Talent – DotA 2”

  1. The winner for this video's Arcana is Cheney Booth

    Respond to this message / on Twitter to start your claim.


  2. cayinator you make me.incourage techies and now I play techies more shout out to your next vidx thank you

  3. its really broken when techies goes for +251 dmge madness moonshardx2 well good thing you didnt make another moonshard and bkb you can clearly wreck them 5 vs 1 man trust me i had experienced a techies like that

  4. I lost it when u talk back at gyro..😂😂😂😂😂
    Fuck you gyro. Don't tell me what to do..

  5. Hey Cay, this one is really top #techies content, hope u will get 251dmg talant sometimes, but please, show after match stats for a second at least

  6. damn it's hard to choose for 25 ms for prox mines or just the 251 damage, but for me 25 ms and divine rapier LOL #TECHIES

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